Test Center

WCBT EXAM CENTRE is an Authorised Test Centre for a range of paper-based & computer-based examinations, provided by some of the most reputable organisations.

We take great pride in providing candidates with an excellent testing environment and infrastructure that gives them the best possible chance of succeeding in their testing experience.

Our infrastructure is set to meet the delivery partners specific requirements, so as to ensure high standards and a totally controlled testing environment.

Paper-Based Exams

WCBT EXAM CENTRE is approved by The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) as a Test Centre to conduct GCSE & A Level examinations.

We conduct exams for our internal students as well as external/private candidates.

​ WCBT is approved as an exam centre by Edexcel for their ESOL Skills for Life & HNC/HND programmes.

Computer-Based Exams

With the latest specification, our testing stations are formed with 3 IT Suites, WCBT is one of the major Computer-Based Test Centres in London.

​ We provide test delivery services for partners such as Pearson Vue, PSi, JCQ and BTL amongst others.


ACCA Application Form

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Win way College of Business and Technology to sit for ACCA Computer Based Examination. Please read carefully our terms and conditions.

CBE Examination Booking Terms and Conditions

• Candidate must select the correct exam papers

• Once exam booking is confirmed (by email) the candidate forfeits all the fees paid in case of decision to postpone or cancel or failure to attend the scheduled exam.

• Booking should be made at least 7 days prior to your chosen examination date by submitting a completed CBE application form and proof of payment

• If you wish to reschedule your examination (before exam booking is confirmed), a notice of a minimum of 5 working days has to be given and an extra charge of 100.00 pounds will be raised and the rescheduled exam will not be effected until the fee has been paid.

• We will endeavour to give the same date/time you have chosen for the examination but we reserve the right to change it should there be any interruptions or technical problems.

• WCBT will not be held responsible should there be any interruptions with electricity and or any natural causes beyond our control.

• Your booking cannot be confirmed until WCBT has received your full payment and a fully completed application form.

• ACCA reserves the right to cancel a CBE examination for any reason whatsoever. All queries should be directed to ACCA if any event your examination is cancelled by ACCA.

• You have to be at WCBT Exam Centre 1 hour before the exam starts.

• You will not be able to sit for your examination without providing an official valid form of identification such as ID, Passport or Driver’s Licence.

• It is your own responsibility to bring own noiseless cordless pocket calculator, rulers, pens, and pencils.

• WCBT holds and possesses information about students for administrative and academic purposes. All the information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with any external organization or bodies.
Application Accompanying Documents

1. Candidates are required to submit a valid form of identification such as ID, Valid Passport or a valid Driver’s Licence.

2. Candidates should attach a proof of payment to this application form

3. NOTE : This application will only be accepted if full fees are paid in advance

4. Application together with the accompanying documents should be submitted 7 days prior to the examination date.
Student Declaration

By submitting this application form I confirm that I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions that are set out in the guidance notes attached to this application form.

I understand that WCBT operates on a first come, first served policy on all computer based examinations, which could mean the session I wish to sit for may become full. In this case my application will be moved to the next scheduled session.

I understand that if I do not attend the examination for any reason I will forfeit the examination fees I have paid.

I understand that I will not be allowed to sit for the examination if I arrive late.

I confirm that the information I have given is the truth and is accurate to the best of my knowledge

I understand that I shall be allowed to sit only for those exam papers I have entered on this form and paid for.

I understand that if I do not bring a valid form of identification at the venue I shall be denied to sit for the examination.

I declare that:

• The student will at all-time be respectful to other person who would be present at the institution including students, staff, employees, the employers, the infrastructures of the institutions, including all the facilities provided for the participant to use while on the premise.

• All examination fees paid are non-refundable

• The student is responsible to complete full payment as per the fees schedule for Winway College of Business and Technology at least one week before attending any ACCA CBE (see below for payment options)

• The student will abide by ACCA’s general rules for CBE.

• The student understands that WCBT will not divulge, distribute and/or sell the participant’s information to any person or organisation or any third parties, other than ACCA.

• The student will direct any queries he/she has regarding WCBT to either the coordinator or the administrator.

• The student declares that he/she will NOT make any statement(s) to the media (newspapers / radio / television / Social Networking sites / Independent news agency / any entity that would publicise or broadcast such statement(s)) on behalf or against WCBT without prior written consent from the Director. Disciplinary and Legal actions will be taken against any student who make comments on behalf of or against the School without such permission. This is without prejudice to the right of any individual to make statements on his/her own behalf.

• The student declares that he/she does NOT, while in the premise of WCBT, possess any type of drugs that are or could be classified as Psychotropic Drugs / Dangerous Drugs in accordance to the Pharmacy Act and/or the Dangerous Drug Act of Mauritius and/or taken for the sole purpose of inducing euphoric effects, without any scientific basis. This does not affect the participant if he/she is taking any drug that has been prescribed by a prescriber recognised by the Medical Council of Mauritius as a current practitioner.

• The student will not smoke while inside the premise of WCBT. The participants can smoke or vape outside the borders of the premise if they wish to.

• The student will not consume alcohol while on the premise and he/she must be sober before attending the CBE.

• In case of weather instability, the institution will remain operational until the Government releases a communication, stipulating that college should be closed. In case where this is during an on-going CBE, WCBT will stop the exams and the invigilator will make sure to inform ACCA accordingly in the invigilator’s report. The recoverability of the session will depend solely on ACCA.

• Your booking cannot be confirmed until WCBT has received your full payment and a fully completed application form.

• I, the undersigned, hereby certify that the information provided in this form is accurate and up to date to the best of my knowledge, and that I have read and understood the terms and conditions outlined in this form.